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Before we get to our top 5 favorite jackets of the year we want to pay tribute to one of the most popular (and ugly) garments of the 90s: The corporate bomber jacket.

Oh how we loved the way that rugged nylon exterior material made an amazing swishing sound with each step. It's fuzzy fleece, two toned interior made us feel so warm (and look goofy) inside. And let's not forget the best feature of all: the elastic bands around the waist and sleeve cuffs. Because nothing is quite as flattering and having an oversize puffy jacket squeezed to our waist.

Let's face it. Our work force is changing, the way we work is changing and so is what we wear to the office. Here are our top 5 jacket favorite jacket options to keep your team branded and on trend year around.

#5 Port Authority Basic Soft Shell Jacket

Originally made popular by The North Face, the soft shell jacket is a staple in nearly all workplaces today. They are incredibly versatile pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. We like this version from Port Authority because of the wide range of styles. Available in mens, ladies and youth this one is a winner. At around $40 this jacket won't break the bank either. For extra style points check out the new "heathered" color version.

#4 Eddie Bauer Shaded Crosshatch Jacket

Perfect for the office or a weekend adventure this jacket combines function and style. It's not fully water proof but is both water resistant and breathable. We love the gray color option in this style. Combine the grey jacket with a tonal logo to give a subtle but cool look.

#3 Ogio Trax Jacket

Known for their edgy style and modern looks, OGIO is a staff favorite at BrandSpeed. Offices with a younger workforce often gravitate towards the OGIO style. This jacket has is different than the other two soft shells as it has a soft fabric feel and incorporates a small grid pattern in the weave. A word of caution: OGIO jackets generally run slightly smaller than mainstream brands so consider sizing up.

#2 The Digi Stripe Jacket

If your office is in the sports and fitness space, or just more casual, this would be a great option. Similar in feel to a track jacket the digi-stripe will continue to be a most popular piece. Wear it to the office or to the gym. Because of the color texture on the jacket we recommend a complimentary tonal logo for this piece.

#1 Eddie Bauer Heather Stretch Smooth Fleece Jacket

If you haven't heard of "smooth fleece" yet, you probably will soon. Instead of the nappy fleece you're used to this fleece is smooth faced. Meaning the jacket keeps you warm and comfortable like a traditional fleece with a much more sophisticated look. We think this will be the best jacket of 2019 and your staff will agree.

Looking for jackets for your team but need a recommendation? We would love to help. Send us an inquiry here or call our office at 704.664.8337.

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