Personalized apparel choices for a fast growing, diverse team with an online store


“Removing the hassle of collecting individual sizes and style preferences for our diverse range of 60+ employees with BrandSpeed’s online store has been invaluable.”

Choskie Harmon, Marketing Director of QLabs, Inc.


Pharmaceutical Lab

Based in Charleston, WV, QLabs, Inc. is a full-service reference laboratory that provides testing ranging from molecular pathology to toxicology with speed, precision, and reliability.


Fast-Growing, Diverse Team

During the COVID-19 pandemic, QLabs experienced unprecedented growth leading to a constant stream of new and diverse hires. Outfitting their team proved difficult as staff in different roles required different apparel styles. Additionally, the diverse age range led to more casual styles preferred by some with more traditional styles preferred by others. There was no “one style pleases all” option.


Personalized Online Store with Multiple style options

BrandSpeed worked with QLabs to select 10-15 styles that were on brand and within budget. An online store was created, allowing team members to order their preferred pieces. Orders were then individually bagged for each employee and then shipped as a whole to QLabs HQ for distribution.

Takeaways & Results

A Happy Team that will Actually Wear Their Branded Apparel

Over 50 individual orders were placed directly by team members saving QLabs HR and marketing teams 10+ hours of time and effort gathering sizes and style preferences.

Since orders were packed and labeled individually prior to shipment, there was no need for QLabs staff to pull individual pieces from boxes to count, sort, and label. This provided an additional time savings of 5 hours.

Allowing team members to purchase only the styles they prefer means pieces will be worn more often, in turn, giving QLabs additional exposure.

Furthermore, only the products ordered online were purchased and produced. There were no overrun pieces to stay in an inventory closet (or in a box under someone’s desk). This provides a significant cost savings as many times clients find themselves with extra pieces, but only in the sizes they don’t need.

Since the initial store run in mid 2020, QLabs has opened and closed their store 2-3 times per year, keeping their team consistently branded all year round.