5 Reasons To Get Custom Workwear For Your Business

Custom Workwear

Dec 06
Custom Workwear

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Marketing experts say that a potential customer may need to see your branding as many as SEVEN times to remember you. When these potential customers have no exposure to your brand, how do you expect them to remember you and purchase your products or services?

How do you avoid blending in with the competition and bring awareness to your brand? Adding custom embroidery to your work wear, uniforms, and accessories is the perfect way to increase exposure and get your name out into the public eye. Custom embroidered workwear gives the public a higher perception value of your brand, and embodies a good reputation, respectability, and the security that your business is solid and established.

Cost Efficient Advertising

Custom embroidered workwear is a walking billboard at a fraction of the cost. When your employees are out and about wearing your logo on the front of their shirt, it makes a statement to the public that not only do you care about the public perception of your team, you pay close attention to the details that make your business the choice above the competition.

Your Business Looks More Professional

Just about anybody can start a business these days. In just a matter of hours, a person can set up a free website and promote whatever they are selling on social media without investing hardly any money at all on advertising. It’s no wonder that consumers have become wary of businesses that aren’t familiar to them.

Custom embroidered workwear sets you apart from fly-by-night businesses who are less serious, and potentially less trustworthy, than you. It shows the public that you believe in your business enough to invest in its brand and reputation. It tells your potential customers that your advertising dollars are valuable to you, and you wouldn’t waste the time and money it takes to get your brand out into the world just to offer sloppy products and subpar services.

Investing in custom embroidery in NC tells the public that you are serious about what you do and take the quality of your products seriously.

You are Much More Likely to be Remembered

A well designed embroidered logo helps customers recognize and remember you. According to the psychological phenomenon known as the Mere Exposure Effect, humans develop a preference for things they are familiar with. When your logo or custom design is prominent, it not only makes your business more likable and recognizable, it also boosts the public’s feelings of goodwill towards your employees and your business as a whole.


There’s really no way around it - marketing is a vital tool for getting your name out into the public. We’ve established the fact that custom embroidered workwear drives brand awareness, but did you know it’s also a great marketing tool? Not only can custom embroidered workwear be worn in public by your employees, it can also be used as a giveaway, or as a means of earning extra income for your business. There are many successful businesses who create desirable custom embroidered apparel and accessories to sell or give away like hats, tote bags, coolers, beach blankets, t-shirts and polos, koozies, key chains, and so much more.

Suitable for Every Industry

It doesn’t matter if you run a bakery, provide residential or commercial electrical services, or operate a fleet of a hundred transport vehicles, custom embroidered apparel is beneficial to every business in every industry, regardless of size or number of employees. You can embroider uniforms, aprons, hats, shirts, and outerwear that makes a memorable impression on your clients and customers. You can even personalize apparel with your employees’ names.

Custom embroidery options are almost endless. At BrandSpeed, we are dedicated to providing outstanding custom embroidery in Mooresville NC. No matter the concept or occasion, our professional custom embroidery services result in the best custom embroidery in NC available to deliver the highest quality shirts, t-shirts, hats, bags, hoodies, and so much more! We carry popular brands like Carhart, Dickies, Red Cap, Dri Duck, Cornerstone and more. We create customized products for your company, team or event with a comprehensive and unique design approach to provide a complete solution for all of your custom embroidery Mooresville NC needs! Contact us today for a free quote.